Billetwerx Swivel-N-Set Flat Version


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Also available from Billetwerx is our Patent Pending Swivel-N-Set “Flat” which are useful for bracing fenders, roofs, wings, and anything that needs an adjustable angle, or the final angle is unknown at the time of installation. Swivel-N-Set “Flat” can swivel 360 degrees at an angle up to 60 degrees! Bolt or rivet it to a flat surface and simply adjust it and set it tight! Multiple style end connectors and adjustable tube lengths give you the ultimate in mounting and bracing flexibility. Perfect for all forms of racing applications as well as custom car, motorcycle, and aviation builds!

Key features:

• Patent Pending Design

• Fully CNC Machined from 6061 -T6 Aluminum

• Swivels 360 Degrees

• Useful for Bracing Roof, Wing, Fenders, and much more

• Various Rod lengths and End Connections available

• Made in the USA

• Bolt or Rivet it to a Flat Surface

• Anodized Finish

• Adjustable in Length and Angle

• Locks Down Tight